CME Accreditation

Italy’s New System for Continual Medical Education has been in force since 2011

Compliance with the requirements set forth by the “State-Regions Agreement dated 5th November 2009”

The reference legislation is as follows:

“Implementing Regulation of the Objective criteria set forth by the State-Regions Agreement dated 5th November 2009 and for accreditation of CME Providers, distance learning, training objectives, assessment of the quality of the healthcare training system, training activities held abroad, self-employed professionals, approved by the Italian National Commission for Continual Education on 13th January 2010”

Provider under the previous system:

From 2002 to 2010, E.C.M. Provider activities for the accreditation of “CME Provider” events (no. 7890), granted by the Ministry of Health and by the correct assignment of credits to each accredited event.

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