Distance Learning

Distance learning is a method of self-study that allows the learner to attend courses remotely, without having to physically get to the location where the training is being held.

Whether you’re at work or at home, you can follow the interactive lessons using a PC or a portable device (notebook, smartphone or tablet).

Information and know-how are quickly and effectively transmitted to learners thanks to a personalised course that takes into account their individual requirements. At the end of each course of study, learners can check their level of understanding by taking a final assessment.

Distance learning outperforms conventional training methods, thanks to three key features:

  • Organisation – transfers are no longer necessary
  • Costs – substantial savings
  • Operations– speed of the teaching process

Intermeeting has therefore created its very own innovative, TV training tool that’s fast and dynamic, creating an ad-hoc platform called:

MEDICLASSROOM® “Teaching from anywhere to everywhere”

Mediclassroom® is the new distance learning tool, an innovative platform able to create ‘borderless’ interaction between instructors and attendees.

In this dynamic, constantly evolving world, it’s possible to get a glimpse of the future!

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