Event Organisation Office

Intermeeting offers a range of services to manage all aspects of an event’s organisation, from budget planning and the search for sponsors, to the publication of event announcements and professional, fast and careful advertising.

Here’s a short summary of our main activities:

  • Managing contacts for the entire duration of the event, guaranteeing prompt and exhaustive responses to all requests for information
  • Sending out invites and detailed information to participants and speakers
  • Managing registrations using CMS (Congress Management System) software
  • Managing suppliers
  • Coordinating the various “players”: managing relations with the Scientific Committee/Client and speakers
  • Preparing, printing and gathering together all documentation for the conference kit: technical material and information (programmes, abstracts, questionnaires, texts, product data sheets, etc.), which will be given to each participant and, if necessary, loaded up onto the website
  • Organising overnight stays for speakers: coordinating all activities to ensure that speakers have a pleasant stay where the conference is being held, from booking aeroplane or train tickets to hotel reservations and the organisation of daily travel arrangements for the event
  • Reception and information desks: for registration purposes and for any necessary CME accreditation of attendees, to reply to participants’ requests for information and manage delivery of conference material (programme, documentation, badges, certificates, etc.)
  • Graphics for the event: creation of brochures, websites, posters, jingles, personalised newsletters for advertising purposes
  • Hostess service: hostesses, fluent in a number of languages, are available to provide assistance to speakers (pick-up, transfers to the restaurant/hotel) and to participants
  • Catering: organisation and management of catering for coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, cocktail evenings and formal dinners
  • 24-hour telephone assistance
  • Social programme and for accompanying parties

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