Provider 102

Provider FAD RES FSC – No: 102

Intermeeting is an CME (‘Continual Medical Education’) Provider in full compliance with the “Regulation of the objective criteria set forth by the State-Regions Agreement dated 05.11.2009 and for accreditation”, approved by the Italian National Commission for Continual Education on 13.01.2010, with the State-Regions Agreement dated 05.11.2009 and with all legislation applicable to Continual Medical Education (CME).

Intermeeting has procedures in place aimed at defining roles and responsibilities as well as the operating procedures to be followed when planning and managing communication between the various parties involved with the planning/realization/management of CME Events.

Intermeeting therefore organises CME training courses as well as acting as a “guarantor” for participants and for the Ministry of Health, ensuring that training projects are developed and coordinated in full compliance with CME regulations. This benefits of all those involved with the training process but, above all, gives course participants the chance to use this training to acquire the necessary credits to keep up-to-date and boost their professional growth.

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