Our Mission

We create training programs involving cutting-edge technologies to guarantee attendees a high degree of interactivity, in a constant process of growth and improvement, in partnership with public and private operators.

Our Story

Intermeeting’s successful story started over twenty years ago when the company established its headquarters in Bari. Soon, Intermeeting became a leading provider of medical training courses and conferences. The opening of a branch office in Padua was a milestone that enabled the company to engage in even more important and prestigious projects in partnership with the main Universities, Hospitals and Companies in the territory.

Intermeeting achieved success by combining the expertise gained over the years with the development of new technologies, while keeping an eye on the needs of the world of education and training and expanding its offer of innovative services accordingly.

Intermeeting has become a key partner in the organization of beautifully planned courses, conventions and congresses and in the development of distance learning initiatives for those businesses and professionals who want to make education and educational engagement one of their core values. 


A close-knit team of young people eager for new challenges!

Our Vision

Intermeeting aims to put the technological development at the center of medical, scientific and corporate educational and training programs, both locally and internationally, thus fusing tradition with innovation, to ensure that all learners find the courses that suit them best with no temporal or spatial constraints.