Service design and delivery

The experience and know-how acquired in the management of international conventions and events gave rise to a medical scientific journal called Newence.

Newence came in 2016 out of the publishing idea of presenting in a concise and really accessible way the most important scientific studies published in the most authoritative international scientific journals.

This journal is mainly thought for medical professionals, yet the language used makes it suitable for popular science as well. The articles are written by medical doctors with specific knowledge of the subjects, who summarize the original articles and then provide their critical analysis focusing exclusively on what has been analysed and documented in compliance with strict scientific standards.

In addition to the articles about published medical research, Newence offers video interviews with experts about topical issues with a view to introducing new studies and delving into controversial topics.

Each article has a space for discussion in a moderated forum where authors and readers can get in touch, professionals can exchange opinions and readers can ask experts for advice.

In addition to medical articles, the journal presents contents relating to the world of science in general, and even sections dedicated to nonscientific topics, such as motors and travels.